Organizational Change & Consulting

Solution-focused approaches have become the basis for organizational change in various corporate and business enterprises. We can combine consulting and training to move your organization towards creating positive team morale and an environment in which people want to excel. We will teach you how to use solution-focused strategies that you can apply to your organization to help you achieve a respectful positive environment and enhance work performance. Our approach is based on doing more of what works, utilizing existing strengths, and focusing on the solution, not the problem.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide the positivity and practicality of solution-focused approaches to your organization.

On-Site Training

We provide customized training for large and small organizations alike. These include but are not limited to: Health Care, Education, Private Counselling, and Human Service Organizations.

School Professionals

Health Care Professionals

Counselling And Human Service Organizations

Solution-Focused On-Site Training Can:

  1. Save Money

    You save money with on-site training. For example, you will not incur travel expenses for staff to attend workshops in other locations; often as individual staff expenses. Costs can also be reduced through co-sponsoring with an agency with similar guiding principles and client-based services.
  2. Customize Your Training Needs

    The workshop is tailored to meet your needs. The Solution Talk trainers will meet with you beforehand to understand your staff's needs, the types of clients whom you serve, the types of problems the clients present with, your goals for the workshop, and how you will know that the training has been successful.
  3. Pre-Workshop Materials

    We can offer you suggested readings for your staff to read before the workshop, to facilitate a more meaningful, and topic rich learning experience.
  4. Follow-Up

    We will summarize and capture the workshop evaluations to highlight what the participants learned and solution-focused topics they would like to learn about in the future. We can explore follow-up sessions to help participants refine their skills and to increase their confidence in their practice.
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